Warrigal Greens, Tetragonia tetragoniodes, also known as “New Zealand spinach”, is a frost-tender, short-lived, perennial vegetable. In our western Sydney location where winters can get below 0°C overnight, it tends to be herbaceous, meaning it dies down in winter and comes back in Spring. Sometimes that’s the old plant breaking dormancy, more often it’s aContinue reading “WARRIGAL GREENS”


What is that strange looking fruit? It looks like a little paper lantern! Here at Hillside, we call it ‘Cape Gooseberry’, but it is also know as ‘Peruvian Ground Cherry’, ‘Golden Berry’ or ‘Aztec Berry’. Sometimes, in USA, it is marketed as ‘Pichuberry’. It comes from South America, around Peru, Ecuador and Columbia. A lessContinue reading “CAPE GOOSEBERRY”