Who are we?

We are Mark and Lynne. We live in Emu Heights, NSW, Australia.

Our ‘suburban homestead’ is run on permaculture principles. Lynne has a Permaculture Design Certificate and is a qualified teacher to both children and adults. Mark has a wide range of handyman skills and experience in designing, ordering materials for and bringing DIY projects to completion, both indoors and out.

Together we have over sixty years experience in gardening. Our previous home had a native garden in the front and a Japanese-inspired garden in the backyard. We also had a sunken ‘miniature rose’ garden, a small vegetable garden, an orchid house and a couple of fruit trees.

Our current site has a vegetable garden, the beginnings of two ‘food forests’, a banana circle, a cottage garden, a native garden, and a space where Mark grows orchids. We raise chickens, not just for eggs, but because they make excellent compost. We farm meal worms for our hens and keep compost worms to deal with some of our food scraps. Their castings make the best fertiliser. We capture rainwater from our roof and have recently installed solar power. All of this has been achieved in small, practical solutions as the time and money became available.

If we can do it, we can help you do it too!

What People Say

The whole process is very professional and thorough. I am very impressed.

Deb S.

Mark and Lynne helped me set up my veg garden and I was amazed at the amount of food it produced.

Susan K.

Mark was amazing! So much knowledge and experience.

Joseph F.

Let’s grow or build something together.

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