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What can we do for you?

What can we help you to do?

  • Grow some of your own food
  • Plan, execute and complete your small DIY project
  • Live a more sustainable lifestyle

How can we help you?

  • Workshops / discussion groups
  • Providing advice or consultation
  • Giving you a tour of our own property to inspire you
“Grow. Eat. Repeat.” workshops
online and/or in person, on various aspects of growing your own food
Suitable for adults and children
Note: If a kit of material is supplied for the workshop, there will be a cost involved.
Consultation, advice and assistance in setting up a garden
and growing your own food
First 30 minutes consultation (online or in person) free.
Onsite service to Emu Heights / Emu Plains only
Fee negotiated according to size & complexity of project
Quote provided free of charge
“D.I.Y.” workshops
online and/or in person, on various aspects of maintaining and building small projects around the home and garden.
Suitable for adults and older children.
Note: If a kit of material is supplied for the workshop, there will be a cost involved.
Consultation, advice and assistance in planning, purchasing materials and completing your small D.I.Y. project
first 30 minutes (online or in person) free
Onsite service to Emu Heights / Emu Plains only
Fee negotiated according to size &complexity of project
Quote provided free of charge.
SUSTAINABILITY workshops and discussion groups , online and/or in person, in aspects of living more sustainably.
Note: If a kit of material is supplied for the workshop, there will be a cost involved.
$5 per person or $15 per family (2 adults & 2 children)
includes morning/afternoon tea plus 1.5 hour guided tour of our 750m² permaculture homestead, showcasing native garden, edible gardens, water catchment, chicken composting system, ornamental gardens and plant nursery area.
Our hillside site is not suitable for strollers or wheelchairs.
Bookings Essential


10:00 am – 6:00 pm
10:00 am – 6:00 pm
10:00 am – 6:00 pm
10:00 am – 6:00 pm
10:00 am – 6:00 pm
10:00 am – 5:00 pm

location: Emu Heights, NSW, Australia
phone: 0414 304 063

email: info@hillsidehomegrown.com.au


What is the nature of your business?
  • Using knowledge and experience gained over many years, we can help others in our community of Emu Heights and beyond to become more resilient through simple, practical, common-sense steps towards food security and living sustainably.
  • We deliver education and practical assistance in growing food, or planning and completing DIY projects.
What experience and qualifications do you have?
  • Between us we have over 60 years in gardening experience: ornamentals, natives and edibles.
  • Lynne has a Permaculture Design Certificate, a Bachelor of Adult Education and a Diploma in Primary Teaching.
  • Mark has 40+ years of experience in many types of DIY projects: building garden structures, such as trellis, decks, retaining walls and potting benches, laying pavers, installing water tanks, including IBCs and small ponds, and brick-laying small walls. Inside the home, he has experience in tiling, carpentry, painting and installing kitchen cupboards.
If you have so much experience, why are you giving workshops for free? What is the catch?
  • There is no catch, no course to sign up for, no products to buy. You can dip into our workshops and discussion groups as much or as little as you choose.
  • We give because we have something to share that we want to give to our community.
Where are your face-to-face workshops held?
  • When the COVID-19 restrictions lift, we will hold the workshops in our ‘carport classroom’ in Emu Heights. This is unlikely to be before 2022.
  • We will do workshops for groups within our Emu Heights Community if the place designated is deemed to be appropriate. Contact us if you would like to book a workshop for your group, school or organisation. There may be charge to cover our setting up and packing up costs.
Where do the plants and seeds used in your workshops come from? Are they organic?
  • Seeds, seedlings, cuttings or plants used in workshops or sold at one of our market days (after lockdown) will be from our own chemical-free garden
  • We use no pesticides, no herbicides and no synthetic fertilisers.
  • All our potting mixes and seed raising mixes are made from compost, clean sand, coir and/or vermiculite.
  • We do not sell plants covered by ‘Plant Breeders’ Rights’
Do your workshops only cover vegetable gardening?
  • Our workshops cover all aspects of edible gardening, including annual vegetables, herbs, edible flowers, edible perennials and, eventually, bush tucker plants.
  • We can and will cover other topics related to growing food, such as pruning, mulching, composting, worm farms and keeping chickens.
  • We also do workshops in aspects of D.I.Y. related to the garden and inside the home.
Can I grow edible food? I have no garden. I am renting and the landlord won’t let me put one in.
  • You can grow edible plants in containers.
  • The containers do not need to be purpose-built for growing plants. Any container that can hold soil and water can be used, except if it previously held a toxic chemical.
  • You will also need at least a few hours sunlight, preferably in the morning, in the area where you plan to grow food.
Will you help me start a vegetable or herb garden?
  • Both Lynne and Mark will be available to consult on building your own vegetable patch, either in a garden, a raised bed or in pots.
  • We will strongly encourage you to start small, just one square metre, and build from there. We know how discouraging it can be to ‘bite off more than we can chew’ and not see results!
How can you help me with my DIY project? Will you do it for me?
  • Mark will be available to help you plan, cost and implement your DIY project.
  • At a mutually negotiated cost, Mark will work alongside you, mentoring you, through the process so that you can truly ‘do it yourself’.
  • Please note, Mark is an experienced, but unlicensed, handyman, not a qualified tradesman.
  • A consultation on your project, for up to 30 minutes, online or in person, is free. The written quote will also be free.
Please tell me more about your garden tour.
  • Guided tours, 1.5 hours in duration, of our 750m2 site can be arranged at a cost of $5 per person or $15 a family, which will include light refreshment.
  • Our site is on the side of a steep hill, so it is not suitable for wheelchairs, strollers or those with difficulty negotiating rough terrain.
  • 20% of all money received from these tours will be donated to assist the establishment of Emu Heights Community Garden.
Is your property a permaculture demonstration site?
  • Our 750 square metre property is a fairly new permaculture demonstration site.
  • We have water tanks of various sizes, solar power, a variety of homemade garden structures, a chicken composting system, an annual vegetable garden and two fledgling food forests.
What is your blog about?
  • Our blog is about food security and sustainable living. In practical terms, that means growing food and D.I.Y.
  • We post weekly, on Friday, at around 7pm.
  • On the first Friday of every month, we focus on a small D.I.Y project to inspire you to do something similar at your place.
  • On the second and fifth Friday, we share information about a commonly known plant.
  • On the third and fourth Friday, we share less well-known plants that we grow in our garden.

If we can do it, we can help you do it too!